Oil Palm Seed – Felda DxP Yangambi

Felda Yangambi is the top selling brand for oil palm seeds in Malaysia with the biggest market share at 43% of seed supplies.

We have more than 40 years’ experience in oil palm breeding and have started our oil palm seed production since 1970. Currently 70% is for the external non-Felda market.

These high yielding seeds were developed through conventional breeding and lately augmented by biotechnology which consists of deciphering the genetics of oil palm, sequencing and annotating the oil palm genome. It makes FASSB’s Felda Yangambi the premium oil palm planting material in Malaysia.

The targets for oil palm breeding are to maintain the superiority of Felda Yangambi oil palm planting materials and to produce only proven planting materials to achieve high oil yield potential.

Awarded by Asia Pacific Brands Foundations (APBF) the Brand Laureate SMER’s Chapter Award for the Best Brand in Agriculturew-Oil Palm Geminated Seeds for 2008 – 2009 and Brand Specialty Awards for Best Brand in Brand Innovation in 2010 – 2016

FASSB has been the sole supplier of oil palm materials to the Felda group and also to other players in the Malaysian oil palm industry. We have very strong R&D capabilities in oil palm breeding and only produce oil palm planting materials that have proven to be sustainable and to boost oil palm yield. FASSB is Malaysia’s premier oil palm seed producer with an annual production of 30 million germinated seeds. We supply about 35% of country’s annual seed requirement.