Adjustable Fertilizer Scoop (AJAS)(10KG)

Most efficient fertilizer scoop innovated with ergonomic design for manuring in the field.

  • Durable
  • Easy to calibrate according to type of fertilizer
  • Perfect fertilizer dispersions
  • Accurate measurement

Tekam Twister – V2

Subsoil manuring reduces nutrient losses especially in swamp and hilly areas. However, conventional method by using a hoe was found to be less efficient in terms of field operations and low productivity. Besides, the quality of the holes are not according to specifications. Based on the current situation and problems faced by the conventional method, a new invention idea has emerged by highlighting the centerpiece of high productivity and low labor consumption. As such, a hole digger machine for subsoil manuring, TEKAM TWISTER is created.. It can also be used to plant rubber and fruit tree plantation.