Training programme under FASSB is an initiative by technical expansion unit under the Agronomic Services Department of FASSB. The purpose of this programme is to give exposure on old and new technology on oil palm and to improve the knowledge in regards of oil palm management.

Besides oil palm management, we also conduct training and courses on 5S management and Innovative Creative Circle (ICC) to ensure effective working environment.


To train and improve knowledge on sustainable oil palm management

To produce highly-skilled and knowledgeable estate personnel especially in terms of Good Agricultural Practices application

To introduce and educate the knowledge on pests in oil palm as well as the integrated pests’ management

To train lab personnel in identifying precise instruments and method to be used for analysing fertiliser, water and palm oil

To create an organized working environment and continuous improvement for the Target Group

Target Group

Smallholders who are involved in oil palm industry

Laboratory personnel who are involved in analysing fertiliser, water and palm oil

Office management that needs to undergo 5S program and audit

A group that is interested in ICC and preparing for competition either internally or international

Courses Offered

Courses Offered

Courses Offered

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