FGV 4.54

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  • Sugar
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FGV is the world’s third largest oil palm plantation operator

with 343,521 hectares in Malaysia, and 56,385 hectares in Indonesia.


FGV is the largest sugar refiner in Malaysia

producing 57 percent of Malaysia’s domestic refined sugar supply, and with an annual production capacity of over 1.1 million tonnes.


FGV is growing a global presence in downstream businesses

with food and non-food goods such as; soybean products, canola products, oleochemicals, cooking oils, margarines, instant noodles, mayonnaise, premier bath soap and shower cream.


FGV owns 100% of Felda Holdings Berhad (FHB)

the largest CPO producer in the world, with a strong asset base of 72 mills, 11 bulk storage terminals, 14 biomass-related facilities and South East Asia’s largest biotechnology centre, among others.


A Global, Diversified & Sustainable Integrated Agri - Business Leader.

Our operations extend to 14 countries across four continents.